New Noosa North Shore Ferry Operator!

Noosa North Shore ferry

The Noosa North Shore Ferry is the only vehicle ferry in the region, providing year-round access to the popular Teewah Beach for residents, workers, and visitors.

As a new ferry operator begins service this month, we look back on the history of our beloved Noosa North Shore ferry. Starting in the early 1960s as a modest barge, it has since undergone substantial evolution. This month, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of two new ferries: a 27-vehicle ferry and a new 12-vehicle ferry, aimed at enhancing loading capacity.

With Entrada Travel Group now in charge, the ferry service is set to improve by offering online ticket purchases and pre-booking options.

Humble beginnings to modern Noosa North Shore ferry operations

From its modest beginnings in the 1960s to today’s ferry operations, much has evolved.

The arrival of new ferries this month, marks a substantial upgrade. Moreover, the new ferry operator has embraced modernity by introducing online payment options and streamlining the boarding process.

With increased capacities and convenient online payments, we anticipate a reduction in the long queues experienced during school holidays.

What visitors can expect from the new ferry

Visitors can anticipate changes and improvements with the new operator. From online payments options to convenient online concession card applications, the new ferry operator promises to make travelling to Noosa North Shore more convenient and quicker than ever.


Online tickets

Soon, visitors will enjoy the convenience of purchasing tickets online, eliminating the need to carry cash. This new service ensures a seamless journey to Noosa North Shore. Cash payment options will still be available for those who prefer it.

While pre-purchased tickets are encouraged as it speeds up the boarding process and reduces waiting times, tickets will continue to be sold on the ferry.


Concessions for frequent travellers to Noosa North Shore

Frequent travellers, residents and workers enjoy access to concession cards which can be applied for online on the official Noosa North Shore ferry website.


More information

For more info about the Noosa North Shore ferry visit: Noosa North Shore Ferries – Moorindil Street, Tewantin, QLD (

If you are planning on going 4WD driving on the beach, make sure to get a beach permit in advance: Queensland – (

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