Viral Internet Video: Kangaroo Taking a Dip at Noosa North Shore

Kangaroo at beach

Our Noosa North Shore Retreat video capturing a full-grown kangaroo taking a swim has gone viral, making headlines on 9 News Queensland and Sunshine Coast Daily.

Imagine our surprise when, on a sunny day at Noosa North Shore, a kangaroo made a splash – quite literally – by hopping onto the beach and diving into the waves. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill beach visit; this kangaroo was all about embracing the aquatic life, going so far as to fully submerge itself, with only its head playfully bobbing above the waves.

Fortunately, our Noosa North Shore Food & Beverage manager, Aaron, had his phone ready to capture this unique sight; otherwise, it might have been difficult to believe.


Kangaroo enjoying some cool-down time

This fully grown male kangaroo took his time frolicking in the waves, displaying a surprising agility for a land-dwelling animal. After some playtime in the waves, our kangaroo friend decided to call it a day, hopping back onto the sandy shores.


Viral Social Media Story

The buzz surrounding this unforeseen spectacle quickly spread like wildfire, inundating social media feeds with shared photos and videos. The footage garnered such widespread attention that it landed a feature on 9 News Queensland and Sunshine Coast Daily. The endearing “surf-roo” started circulating, encapsulating the playful spirit with which our bouncy friend embraced the salty waves.

And as for Christmas plans? Well, let’s just say Noosa North Shore Retreat Santa has already noted down a special surfboard gift for our ocean-loving kangaroo.


Have you seen the viral video yet?

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